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Founded in 1996 in China, the main TP-Link production plant is near Shenzhen, Guangdong. This manufacturer of computer networking products has expanded internationally since 2005, and opened a base in the USA during 2008. The company slogan is reliably smart; TP-Link aims to meet tomorrow’s networking demands through a global presence that serves 120 countries. Now a leading broadband CPE (customer premises equipment) device supplier of principally wireless LANs and routers with firewalls for numerous ADSL service providers, TP-Link network routers have inbuilt network protection to guard against unauthorised access and maintain data security. New gigabit routers provide impressive Internet connection speeds and on-line performance, while Wi-Fi local area network range can be boosted with power-line communication access extender kits. TP-Link also produces unmanaged and managed network switches, print servers, power banks and network cameras for computerised building security systems. Finally, TP-Link switches, converters and network interface cards (also called expansion cards) are manufactured in-house, so the company can draw on its two decades of experience to maintain control over the supply chain and component quality.


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