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Now a leading multinational electronics manufacturer, Panasonic Corporation was established near Osaka, Japan in 1918. The company has become one of the world’s four largest television manufacturers and is also involved in automotive systems and mobile communications. Its focus is on responsible yet smart innovation for industrial applications, business customers and consumers. Panasonic has a global distribution network for its TV, video and audio devices, office telephones and business printer solutions, along with professional camera and camcorder models. The latest Lumix cameras feature high image quality and offer consistent performance for the most demanding photographers, while other Panasonic products include network cameras for computerised building security. Alternatively, IP cameras and VoIP telephones offer cost-effective business communication and office video conferencing, with VoIP cameras of differing resolution levels. Printed circuit board mounted PCB relays and optical or inductive sensors are key components for remote control industrial machinery, while Panasonic programmable logic controller (PLC) systems and process controllers offer reliability and speed in task automation projects. Other Panasonic replacement components include primary battery cells and rechargeable batteries for diverse applications.


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