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The Maxxtro brand name is associated with a wide electronics range, and in particular, telephone and computer cabling, sockets and adapters. This distributor is Israeli registered and sources some imports from China. Maxxtro power and computer cables include mini-USB, DVI-D, SATA mass storage and VGA monitor cables, as well as HDMI power extenders and active USB extensions that avoid signal loss. Additionally, Maxxtro distributes network and telephone cables and Cat 6A patch leads with RJ45 terminators, allowing network speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second (also known as 10GBASE-T). Typically, conductor pair shielding is with aluminium polyester foil, complemented with tin-plated copper braid to further inhibit undesired interference. Cables with gold-plated contacts ensure excellent connectivity, while outer moulded insulator sleeves resist kinks and consequent damage. This supplier also boasts a comprehensive range of connectors and adapters for numerous connection types, in addition to plug gender changers. Alternatively, installation material includes telephone, fax and local area network flush-mounted and in-line sockets, both shielded and unshielded. Other products include T-adapters for RJ12 telephone plugs, junction boxes, RJ45 patch panels and anti-kink plug sleeves. Finally, Maxxtro supplies various USB accessories such as Bluetooth adapters and AC mains or car dual-USB chargers that provide extra convenience when travelling with portable devices.


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