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A major designer and manufacturer of industrial cabling, LappKabel was founded in 1957. This successful company is headquartered in Stuttgart, with a UK base near London and a worldwide distribution network of over one hundred partnerships. Lapp produces a wide range of modern cabling and connector products for mechanical and electrical engineering applications, in addition to automotive systems. In order to maintain the highest standards of quality control, the company operates its own production plants where temperature-resistant control, data and spiral cables are manufactured for electrical and computer networks and robotic applications. Spiral cables allow flexibility of movement while maintaining safety and connection integrity. The company also produces innovative, high-performance industrial circular connectors, featuring solder, crimp and EPIC screw-locking connections. These are typically rated to IP68 standards for protection against moisture and foreign particle ingress and are finished in durable nickel-plated brass. Plastic cable glands also provide secure connections and are cost-effective. Other products include cable glands and lock nuts with blanking plates, copper stranded wire and grommets in various cross-sectional areas and differing current ratings, depending on intended use.


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