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Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Denkendorf, Upper Bavaria, the German company Kabeltronik specialises in the supply of a range of cables to the electronics and industrial sectors. These include cabling for power and communications applications, as well as dedicated sensor cables, temperature-resistant cables for extreme environments, and wiring suitable for fixed LAN networks and LED arrays. Kabeltronik also provide cable components to meet the demands of professional audio and video operations: multicore rigs, hook-up wire used to assemble rack-mounted components, and USB leads and patch cables, as well as digital-audio leads, speaker cables and high-quality microphone cable. A broad range of Kabeltronik products is available from stock, including a selection of control and data cables, stranded and solid wire for most equipment hook-up applications, low-smoke, halogen-free jackets for fully compliant installations, and PUR cables for maximum flexibility. The operational capabilities of temperature-resisting cables typically fall within the -40 to +120 degrees centigrade range, and most cables are also resistant to oils, chemicals and solvents. Stranded wires are the recommended choice where some flexibility of movement or frequent adjustment is anticipated.


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