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Located in Guelph, Ontario since being formed in 1916, Hammond Manufacturing is a global company with customers based in all corners of the world. Employing in the region of 600 employees, the Canadian business is publicly traded and has production facilities in its home country, the United States, the UK and Taiwan. Hammond produces a wide range of products, both standard and modified. Many of its components are made for electrical product manufacturers as well as utility companies and power institution companies. Hammond makes a number of racks and 19" cabinets designed for electrical distribution and IT infrastructure cabling. It also makes outlet strips that are designed for power and data cabling networks. The business is well-regarded for its many enclosures and related accessories. The company splits these into two distinct categories: small enclosures and electrical enclosures. Many of the electrical enclosures it makes are water-resistant or designed for modular installation, with either a non-metallic or metal construction. Finally, Hammond also manufactures a number of transformers that are designed for use with power supplies, audio products and as chokes.


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