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Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Bossard Group is technology and logistics business which has activities all over the world. It operates from over 60 places in Europe, America and Asia and has in the region of 2,000 employees. Founded in 1831, it generates a turnover that is in excess of 600 million Swiss francs annually. In the 1990s, Bossard Group began to focus on what it identified as its core business of fastening technology, dispensing with other parts of its production, like tooling. The company now works collaboratively with 3,200 manufacturers, principally in the fields of fasteners, application engineering and customer logistics. Well-known for its tailor-made screws and bespoke nuts and bolts, Bossard Group is also a maker of standard, but high-quality fasteners. Among its standard products are hexagonal screws with flange bolts, slotted screws with cross recesses and securing elements, such as washers. The company also produces self-tapping screws, index plungers, industrial handles and ball ended thrust screws. Many of its products are made of stainless steel, but other materials are used as well, such as plastic, aluminium, brass and copper.


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