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Starting out in 1931 as distributors of lighting systems, the family-owned Barthelme company – now based in Nurnberg, Germany – have progressed to become designers and manufacturers of premium-quality interior and exterior LED lighting systems. As suppliers of complete lighting solutions, Barthelme are able to create individual luminaires to custom specifications while also offering the added benefit of maximum flexibility and rapid lead times. Considering light to be ‘the fourth dimension in space’, Barthelme continue to develop a sophisticated array of options such as intelligent controllers for management of LED systems, as well as indoor, colour-controlled luminaires and outdoor landscape lighting features. Supplying every kind of LED lighting technology component, Barthelme products are available to match supply currents from 40 mA up to 700 mA, in LED strips as short as 25mm right up to 1,000mm, and at VDC ratings to match the required supply voltage. A full range of colour LEDs are available, as well as a selection of ambient whites: warm, candle-like hues at 2,600k through to cool whites around 5,000k and crisp, ‘daylight’ whites at 6,000k. Together with offering high luminous efficiency, Barthelme LED fittings are available in flush or recess-mounted options. Around 70% of all products can be supplied for next-day delivery, with the remainder usually available within five days.


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