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Balluff's history stretches back to its beginnings as a mechanical repair shop, opened by Gebhard Balluff in 1921. Following this, the company moved into the supply of precision-machined parts before developing cam switches, followed by electromechanical switches in the mid 1950s. Inductive proximity switching was introduced in the early 1970s before the development of a modern range of sensors began in the 1980s. Today’s Neuhausen-based company boasts more than 50 years of sensor experience, with products which are distributed worldwide and used by industries requiring electronic and mechanical sensors, rotary and linear displacement transducers, and other technologies required for modern automated production systems. With a comprehensive range of products reflecting their vast experience, Balluff's sensor options include: components of varying dimensions offering a sensing range of 1-10mm; direct current voltage tolerances from 10-30 volts; an operational climate range of between -25 °C and +70 °C; PNP (sourcing) sensors which activate when in contact with an object; plus assorted connectivity options which include tough PUR cable for difficult environmental conditions. All sensors have an IP 67 rating and thus offer robust moisture and dust protection, and most can be flush-mounted on panels. The majority of Balluff sensors can be supplied on 24-hour delivery, with the remainder usually delivered within five days.


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