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The Californian company Aten was founded in 1979 and provides smart connectivity and data management solutions for a range of consumer and industrial technological requirements. Promising ‘simply better connections’ the company targets modern-world problems in areas such as the domestic and commercial multimedia sector and the Internet. Here, an accumulation of technologies, formats and protocols, and a proliferation of standards create an intimidating climate of operational complexity. Aten’s products and expertise offer consistent high-quality and cost-effective methods of sharing, transferring and distributing data, media and communication channels in order to make ‘professional and personal life easier, simpler and better connected’. Aten ensure the divrese selection of products essential to connectivity are manufactured. Product demands range from HDMI, display-port, DVI and VGA cables and connectors for video applications; USB and FireWire hubs, KVM switches and video distribution devices used to facilitate professional access and communications; interface converters and extenders to address a range of physical media and support high-speed networking; together with all the video and audio adapters, splitters and cables necessary to match, route and accommodate not only newer specifications such as hi-speed HDMI but also legacy and long-established formats such as RCA/phono connectors and BNC RF connectors for coax cable applications.


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