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A celebrated tech company known for its stylish digital devices, Apple was established in 1976. Its first product, the Apple 1 computer kit, was sold as a circuit board to which the purchaser was expected to add a keyboard and monitor screen. Since those days, Apple has grown to become a global tech company whose continuously innovative product development has helped to define and shape large segments of the consumer and commercial computing landscape. MacBooks offer laptop functionality, iPads bring character to the tablet world, and iPods have refocused music listening, whilst elsewhere, products such as the iPhone and Apple Watch have become fashion icons as well as powerful personal computing devices. In addition to Apple hardware, the company has also developed many kinds of software support, including its iTunes music library and the renowned iOS operating system. Such a diverse product selection has encouraged third-party developers to create partner products to extend the functionality of Apple devices together with a volume of accessories providing operational support. These include practical items such as phone docks and charging cradles, cable sets and adapters providing compatible connectivity, plus external keyboards for portable computing as well as storage drives to boost memory capabilities and protective cases and covers.


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