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Alpha Elettronica is an Italian manufacturer and supplier of electronic power supplies and cable connectors. Located in the small town of Collecchio outside the city of Parma in Northern Italy, the company has been supplying electronic components since 1975. Initially, the company produced high-quality power supplies and transformers intended for use in the electronic industry, but in the 1990s expanded production to include accessories and components. The power supplies manufactured include stabilised plug-in and desktop power supplies with output voltages from 5 volts DC to 30 volts DC and output power ranging from 10 watts to 120 watts. With a focus on international trade and distribution, these power supplies can also be fitted with mains plugs for the European, UK and American markets, as well as a range of output connectors to simplify connection to various electronic devices. Other types of power supplies manufactured by Alpha Elettronica include voltage converting transformers designed to provide 110 volts AC from 230 volts and vice versa to power devices designed for different supply voltages. Alpha Elettronica also manufactures a wide range of coaxial connectors and adaptors that are supplied to suit circuits with either 50 ohm or 75 ohm characteristic impedances and intended for use in high-speed digital circuits.


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