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Specialising in manufacturing electronic test and measuring instruments, the European company Aim-TTi is based in the UK in Huntingdon. Comprised from the two sister companies, Thurlby Thandar Instruments (TTi) and Aim Instruments, Aim-TTi boasts a rich history in both designing and manufacturing testing equipment. All products from these two sister companies are sold under the banner of Aim-TTi, and the company is ISO9001 approved, ensuring their customers safe and reliable products. A typical example of the calibre of testing and measuring equipment supplied by Aim-TTi is the 1 GHz signal generator, which, with the ability to generate a frequency modulated signal that's accurate to 1 ppm between 10 Hz and 1 GHz, makes it an ideal instrument for PCB development and testing. Also, because it can be controlled remotely, it reduces the workload of development engineers. The company’s range of precision laboratory power supplies equally enhance any testing environment. One example, the PL303 laboratory power supply, provides an infinitely variable output voltage up to 30 volts DC at 3 amps. Other class-leading instruments include the feature-packed, portable 6 GHz spectrum analyser that can be used to analyse high-speed signal transitions in digital circuits.


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