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Well known for its production of vehicle mounted computer technologies, Advantech produces hundreds of different products in the fields of industrial automation and intelligent systems, as well as embedded computing. Its intelligent factory automation products, for example, showcase a wide range of its digital circuits and development tools, such as parallel ports and DIL adaptors of various types. The company has been a proven innovator in both the development and manufacture of high-quality and top performing computing platforms since it was founded in 1983. Key to this has been the organisation's desire to integrate software into its hardware products and its more recent embrace of the Internet of Things (IoT). When it comes to PC measuring instruments and data logging, Advantech produce some superb PCI cards that are designed specifically for this purpose. It also has a number of intelligent universal programmers which can connect to over 5,000 different circuit types, allowing for telemetry and other data to be passed into or out of an automated factory system, for example. When connected wirelessly, this makes a helpful IoT software platform accessible for even the most remote of automated equipment and production lines, helping to identify faults and to optimise production.


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